Access to Donation Store Files

By becoming a Donation Store Addon developer you can get access to Donation Store without having to buy a full license with Donation Store. It is the best way to start developing addons for Donation Store.

Current access to files is based around HTML and CSS files for templates and themes. In the future Python and Django applications will be accepted.

Make money from Donation Store..

Develop Donation Store Addons and sell them on the Donation Store Marketplace and start making money. Minecraft server owners want quick easy addons that they can add to their Donation Store installations.

Access to SDK

Our SDK will give you invaluable information you will need when developing Donation Store Addons.

Source Code Files

Get access to Donation Store theme, template and CSS files for you to customise, design and test with.


Get access to Donation Store's API and it's features without the need for purchasing a normal full priced license.